The Library was my go to place between lectures. Over time I started to appreciate it more and more, every little details of its architecture. I was quite bummered to find out that I was two years late to see the cloisters stair. Good thing they still have the Paternoster at least. I do wish to go on the library tour again in the future if given the chance.

Faiz Mustafa, Alumni, 2014-17



Sara and I met at the University in 2004. A decade later we got married at Wivenhoe House, and had a toddle round campus afterwards. The library was an old haunt, so a few photos on the Paternoster seemed appropriate. We now live on Bogota, Colombia, with our dog,  Bambu.

Jack Carfrae, English Literature, 2004-2007

Moving books from the huts to the new Albert Sloman Library, 1967

The move was accomplished in a single day. Books were ferried in numbered boxes… Since the total was slightly short of 2000, we amused ourselves by calling out the name of an event associated with the corresponding year in the Christian calendar, e.g. 800 as ‘Carolingian coronation’ or 1571 as ‘Lepanto’.

Laurence Hallewell
Assistant Librarian for Latin American Studies, 1965-1977


My memories of the library included finding a mystery section of recorded interviews with ex slaves in America, commissioned during the 1930’s depression, to give people training in Journalism.
Some of the written accounts included words as the ex slaves spoke in dialect, others were just a summary of the ex slaves experiences. Unique history !

Penelope Partridge, Alumni, 1973-76


I studied Chemistry at Essex and spent time in the Library because the text books were very expensive but it was the Paternoster lift that held our fascination!

Dick Inman, Alumni, 1967-70


I think that the Albert Sloman Library is excellent and unique in positive terms with a wide range of sources, great lake and nature view and cute lift from one floor to another.

Bahar Yesim Deniz, LLM Essex

I’m sorry is the lift broken?

The first time I saw the lifts at the library I asked someone to come and check because I thought they were broken as this was the first time I’d seen a paternoster lift. Getting off it was a whole different story!

Iolanda Costa Gomes, Alumni